Sunday, June 14, 2009

Christian Writer's Conference

Hi everyone- I thank the Lord for a safe trip to and from the writer's conference in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Crimson Tide country. Tommie Lyn and I felt the speakers were helpful, the atmosphere congenial and the experience well worth the expense. She sold six books and I sold four. We were competing against thirty-five other vendors who have been attending this conference for the past eighteen years so I was pleased with our results. We'd like to see more from our Panhandle Writers Group go next year. I'm motivated to start a rewrite on my Judge Melvin biography this summer.
While I was away, my dear husband decided he wanted more room in our "Office" area so our guest room has a completely different look since the day I left. As well as a fabulous cook, he is now an interior designer.
Well, VBS has asked for my help getting the church ready for tomorrow so I'll go lend them a hand.
Hope it's been a great week for you and yours.
Bye- S.M.

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  1. What a great conference! And having a sweet traveling companion like you made it a fun trip as well. I'm looking forward to next year's conference.